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Pulmicort Inhaler

Pulmicort Inhaler Generic

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Pulmicort Inhaler - 100 metered actuations (100 mcg)
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Pulmicort Inhaler - 200 metered actuations (100 mcg)
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Pulmicort Inhaler - 200 metered actuations (200 mcg)
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  • Descriptions

    Pulmicort Inhaler Generic is a very good medication for the treatment of asthma. The active ingredient of this inhaler is Budesonide. It is a synthetically prepared glucocorticoid steroid. It is a form of hydrocortisone, which is produced naturally by the adrenal glands. Pulmicort Inhaler Generic is effective in the prevention of attacks of asthma. Patients suffering from asthma attacks can buy Pulmicort Inhaler Generic for reducing the attacks of breathlessness.

    How to use

    This drug can be safely used by patients above the age of 6 years. Pulmicort Inhaler Generic is the best option for those patients for who long term and continuous treatment of asthma is needed. When patients purchase Pulmicort Inhaler Generic , they should take 1 to 4 inhalations of it, twice in a day. In children, this drug should be given as 1 to 2 inhalations, twice in a day. The dose of this medicine can be altered based on the intensity and the frequency of the asthma attacks. The effect of Pulmicort Inhaler Generic starts within 24 hours of beginning treatment with it. The maximum beneficial effect of this drug is reached within 1 to 2 weeks. Patients should not change the dose of this drug too often. They should allow the body enough time to respond to the medicine so that the exact effect of this medicine can be assessed.


    It is important to mention that Ketoconazole can cause interference with the action of Pulmicort Inhaler Generic. It can increase the concentration of Budesonide in the body, which can lead to an increase in the risk of side effects of Pulmicort Inhaler Generic. Hence, the use of Ketoconazole should be avoided by patients taking treatment with Pulmicort Inhaler Generic.


    Pulmicort Inhaler Generic also has anti-inflammatory properties. It can reach the inflamed pulmonary tissues directly and produces a localized effect. Patients can order Pulmicort Inhaler Generic and can use it for maintenance therapy so that the attacks of asthma can be controlled. Patients should note that this drug can only help in preventing the attacks of asthma. Use of this drug is not beneficial for treating acute attacks of breathlessness.



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