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Brand: Beta Val Cream Generic Composition: Betamethasone Valerate What Is Generic?
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Beta Val 0.1% Cream - 20 Gm Tube
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  • Descriptions

    Users buy Beta Val cream (Betamethasone topical) for various skin conditions such as discomfort, scale formation, lack of moisture, inflammation, red coloration, scratching sensation, etc. Generic Beta Val cream is a corticosteroid, which contains primary artificial steroids, known for their anti-itching and anti-inflammation properties. Users can purchase Beta Val in aerosol, cream, ointment and lotion forms. Patients can order Beta Val cream online from here in forms of a 20gm tube that contain Betamethasone Valerate .10% + Salicylic Acid 3.0% Ointment or Beta Val 0.1% Cream. Potential users should buy Beta Val cream after the physician / dermatologist has checked the skin condition and approved its use.

    How to use

    The normal application of generic Beta Val cream (Betamethasone topical) varies as per the physician's assessment. Patients may be asked to apply it once, to as much as four times a day. Before patients buy Beta Val cream, they should learn the exact application process. Patients should clean or immerse the ailing skin portion properly before the application of a very thin layer of the cream. The cream should be allowed to stay undisturbed on the skin for at least a couple of hours. The application area should not be washed nor should it be covered.


    The physicians usually disclose all drug interactions, precautions and side effects related to generic Beta Val cream before suggesting its use. Patients should reveal to their physician if they are allergic to betamethasone or any other products. They should also tell the physician about any ongoing health products being taken by them. Patients taking chemotherapy for cancer or using any other topical drugs may not be prescribed with Beta Val cream. Before users are advised to buy Beta Val cream, they may be asked about their medical history and users suffering from or having suffered from any immune disorders, cataracts, glaucoma, circulation issues or diabetes, etc. should report it to their physician. Users should also be aware about the side effects that are likely to affect them and seek advice from their physicians about minimizing their potential damage.


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