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  • Descriptions

    Hydroquinone Cream Generic is prescribed for women by skin-care experts, to reduce freckles, age spots or any other skin marks developed owing to pregnancy, due to the use of birth control pills or while undergoing hormone replacement therapy. This medication is essentially a skin lightening agent that works by obstructing enzyme reaction in skin tissues.

    How to use

    Prior to applying this topical drug on the area that is to be treated, take a small quantity and apply it to a patch of skin for 24 hours so as to check for any adverse reactions such as itching, redness, inflammation or burning. If these reactions are observed, inform the dermatologist and dont use Hydroquinone Cream Generic in the meantime.


    If there are no serious effects, wash the affected areas and gently apply the cream on them once they are completely dry. In case the cream gets into other areas like nose, mouth or eyes rinse them with water immediately.


    Make certain that you reveal to the family physician if you have allergies to certain drugs or food items. In addition, the doctor should also be aware about your complete medical history and consumption of prescription and over-the-counter medicines together with dietary or herbal supplements. Check with the doctor if there are any medications that are likely to interact with Hydroquinone Cream Generic.


    During the course of treatment, it is extremely important to guard your skin from the sunrays. Always apply a sunscreen when you move out. Females who are carrying a child, aiming to get pregnant or nursing an infant need to consult the general practitioner in advance of using Hydroquinone Cream Generic. When you purchase Hydroquinone Cream Generic or order Hydroquinone Cream Generic online , ensure that you keep it outside the reach of toddlers, as accidental consumption may be dangerous. Store this medication at a temperature range of 15-30 degrees Celsius. Never share medications with other individuals in the family.


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