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Zeniquin Generic

Brand:Zeniquin Generic Composition: Marbofloxacin
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Marbofloxacin 50mg
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  • Zeniquin Generic Description

    Zeniquin generic is a broad spectrum medication belonging to a category of antibiotics labelled as fluoroquinolone. It's prescribed to manage bacterial infections occurring in dogs and cats, such as infections of the urinary tract, skin and soft-tissue as a result of susceptible organisms. The medicine works by impeding microbial reproduction.
    This antibiotic which is available in the form of tablets is easy to swallow and is considered safe by veterinary physicians for your pet. Zeniquin generic can be given to cats above 12 months of age and dogs of all breeds i.e. small/medium (Pomeranians, Cocker Spaniels and Daschunds), large (Golden Retrievers and Labradors) and giant (Great Danes or Mastiffs).
    Prior to commencing treatment, inform the animal doctor if the pet is suffering from any central nervous system illnesses such as seizures, or if the dog or cat is pregnant or lactating. Communicate to the vet if your pet is allergic to any fluoroquinolone antibiotics. To avoid any drug interactions which can reduce the efficacy of Zeniquin generic, it's advised that pet owners should tell the veterinarian if they are currently administering any medications to the animal.
    Dosage quantity and duration of therapy will be established by the vet based on the kind of bacterial infection the animal is troubled with. It's vital to follow the dosing instructions given by the veterinary doctor. The tablet is generally administered once each day. If the pet is presently being given any antacids, food items or supplements containing calcium, iron, zinc, aluminium and magnesium, make sure that you administer Zeniquin generic after waiting for at least 2 hours.
    Some negative effects like diarrhoea, loss of appetite, vomiting or sleepiness might be experienced by the cat or dog. However these signs vanish as treatment progresses.
    Zeniquin generic needs to be administered for the entire span of therapy. However, if you feel there's no significant improvement in your pet within 5 days of starting use, you should visit the vet so that required changes can be made in the therapy program.
    Keep the tablets in an air-tight bottle and store at room temperatu


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